FH Stories | Plan with Care

Plan with Care is a Folkestone-based start-up company that provides health and wellbeing services to older people, particularly those living with dementia, and their families.

Co-founded in 2018 by Nathan Harris and Chris Gage, the business was born from the ambition of ensuring that vulnerable people could have the best quality of life given their economic circumstances. Using Nathan’s background as a Chartered Financial Planner and Chris’ 15 years’ experience in the care sector they have been able to do just that. The company consists of a small team based at The Workshop in Folkestone and remotely, with clients across Kent and into London.

The connectivity of the district, and access to a growing talent pool as the company grows, are among the reasons that being based in Folkestone works for the business.

“We’ve got the fast links into London which allows us to support clients there, and good motorway access means we can get anywhere in the county within an hour,” explains co-founder, Chris.

“It’s a really attractive destination to grow your business and that makes us confident that we can attract further talent to the area, as well providing jobs for people already living here. For us, wellbeing is right at the heart of our business so there is great synergy with the quality of life that Folkestone offers as a place to live.”

The company has recently benefited from a European Regional Development Fund business grant, which it received through the Council-led Folkestone Community Works CLLD programme. The funding has enabled Plan with Care to start using some of the technology that will make a difference to the future of the business and its customers.

This includes a highly secure customer portal that enables their clients’ representatives, from family members to the court of protection, to remain up to date with all the latest information on the support the company is providing. Plan with Care also uses technology directly with their clients including an interactive projection system that is used to boost the mood and wellbeing of those suffering with dementia.

“The grant has enabled us to invest in back-end technology that will meet our needs over the next few years by helping us to build a client portal. What this means is, we are able to really make an impact and provide a service that is above and beyond our size.”

As well as a big focus on their interpersonal service, Plan with Care recognises the opportunity technology presents in making what they do more accessible and efficient for their clients.

Chris continues, “With Folkestone becoming a hub for digital and technology-based companies, we see real opportunities to forge partnerships locally. On top of that, creativity is key to what we do and we’re always looking to find new ways to meet people’s needs, so the concentration of creative people within the town is great for us too.”


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