FH Stories | Hanne Jessen

Hanne Jessen is a volunteer for TEDxFolkestone, a non-profit organisation devoted to spreading ideas in the form of short powerful talks and embracing people of different backgrounds and experience.

She came on board the TEDxFolkestone team in 2018 as its youngest member at the age of 20 and in that time has developed her skills, overcome creative challenges and grown in confidence in a role she loves so much that she’s changed jobs because of it.

2020 put a halt on planned events across the globe, however this did not stop Hanne to see it as an opportunity to continue to create new virtual content. She says, “In 2020, TEDxFolkestone released three behind-the-scenes miniature documentaries.”

Creating the series was an opportunity for TEDxFolkestone’s volunteers to gain first-hand knowledge of documentary film making. Hanne was involved in creating one of the three films, which focused on ‘The Volunteer’s Journey’. “Stepping up to the plate as Director was quite daunting as this was a big first for me. Looking back, I am extremely grateful for the experience and am very proud of what we as a team have achieved.

“Being part of TEDxFolkestone is helping to progress my career too. I met Hax at Prisma Broadcast who played a big part in helping me develop my skills with the mini documentary. I’m now working for him part-time as a video editor and I am looking forward to seeing where this goes in the future.”

The next TEDxFolkestone will be delivered virtually in 2021 and is entitled ‘A New Horizon’.

“2021 involves a more creative approach to the talks, influenced by our recent films and will include the new use of artwork in the presentations. We are also excited to collaborate with East Cliff Creatives, who have supported us in making each video unique and in turn more powerful at delivering the speaker’s ideas.”

When asked about how important TEDxFolkestone’s location is, Hanne shares, “Folkestone is well known for its Creative Quarter, artwork, and music which is everything you need to create a collaborative community.

“I grew up in Folkestone and love the area deeply, it’s perfect for creative people like me. Creativity is all around – the Quarter House, Screen South, the list goes on. Then there’s the artwork the Folkestone Triennial brings every three years to look forward to. The fast train link makes it very easy to get to London when I want to too.

I also love the fact I have the beach and the Harbour Arm on my doorstep – I’ll always head to Go Dutch because they make amazing pancakes, and That Burger is pretty special too. I’ll meet friends for a walk or sit and catch up or take photos and videos. I have always said I would love to stay in this area as I have grown up here and really enjoy it.”


Hanne’s documentary can be viewed here:

The Volunteer’s Journey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRP24Bnwra4&t=2s