FH Stories | Clare Reeves, Voiceover Artist

Clare’s voice has been heard all over the world. From her studio in Folkestone, she’s voiced adverts, trailers and documentaries for everyone from National Geographic to Asda.

“Being by the sea is a big part of my brand. In my industry, it’s vital that clients get a real feeling of who I really am. Folkestone has really shaped my business and the way that I work – there is fresh air in my voice,” says Clare.

Originally from Devon, Clare established an impressive career in broadcasting in London but always had a hankering to return to seaside living. 11 years ago, she and her husband (who spent holidays in the district as a child), visited Folkestone and the town captured their imaginations.

“The town has changed immeasurably since then – the Creative Foundation [now Creative Folkestone] had only just begun and high-speed rail wasn’t even on the agenda. But we saw the potential.”

After a couple of years of commuting, Clare launched Clare Reeves Voiceovers from her new home studio.  Within a year, she had long list of international clients – and a much better work life balance.

“My commute is walking upstairs to my studio and my work shoes are slippers (I get through quite a few pairs). I can see the North Downs from my office and can be at my son’s school in 15 minutes. In London, I’d miss out on a lot and would never have been able to build a home studio.”

Clare has found the wider creative community in Folkestone to be ‘unbelievably’ collaborative.

“One of the nicest things is that I’ve been able to build a Folkestone client base. It’s a small portion of my work but says a lot about what’s happening here; there’s more of media and cultural community than ever before.”

It’s also telling that Clare experiences more FOMO [fear of missing out] in Folkestone than she did in London.

“There’s so much going on, it’s really surprising for a relatively small town. I’ve never felt that I’ve sacrificed access to culture being here. If anything, things here are more accessible than London.”

So, what would Clare say to businesses thinking of making the move to Folkestone?

“You’ve got an extraordinary talent pool here. Web and graphic designers and film makers who have worked at the top levels in London are living on your doorstep, so you’re spoilt when it comes to finding creatives locally that you can meet for a coffee and who often won’t charge the big London agency prices.

“The best thing about Folkestone is the sea – blue is the colour of creativity and inspiration, and I’m surrounded by it. On those summer days, I can’t quite believe it’s home.

“My husband and I always say, ‘why would you live anywhere else?’”


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