Folkestone 51 is set to host ‘Pier Pressure’ Skateboarding Festival


After the success of our 2019 event, F51 is proud to be hosting a follow up event in celebration of skateboarding, fun and Folkestone’s recent emergence as a skate-friendly destination on July 31st 2021.

Folkestone, Kent: Folkestone 51 (F51), the world’s first multi-storey skatepark, is announcing the return of their immensely successful 2019 event on the Folkestone Harbour Arm; Pier Pressure. Despite a handful of unexpected delays, F51 continues to highlight Folkestone as a skate-friendly destination and celebrate the Kentish coast’s rich history in seaside skateboarding.

After an incredibly successful 2019 event, with over 400 total attendees, F51 is anticipating numbers twice the size for this year’s festival. It is expected that Pier Pressure 2021 will be the largest outdoor skateboard-focused event ever held in Kent outside of a skatepark context. With help from international brands, such as Red Bull, over 400 existing bookings for this year’s event and a huge rise in the total number of local skaters over the last two years, F51 is preparing for a huge turnout.

This year’s festival will kick off at 13:00 on Folkestone Harbour Arm’s East Yard on two skateable boats that have been recycled from a local Sea Sports group. The boats have been kitted out to be skated in a whole range of creative ways. The next jam will be led by Red Bull, who are bringing one of their armored, skateable trucks specifically for this feature. At 17:00 the event will be moving to Platform 3 to skate the Folkestone Triennial’s new skateable sculptures. F51 is proud to show off the hard work that has gone into establishing areas such as these as skate-friendly hot spots within the town. Also on Platform 3, a ‘Skate Boot Fair’ will begin, giving local skaters and creatives a chance to sell their skate goods, new and old.

The after party will run from 20:00 until 23:00 at the Harbour Screen: expect good music, skate videos and all-round celebration. Throughout the day F51 will be offering tours of their skatepark, located five minutes down the road. There will be heaps of sponsor prizes for the day, made up of big name skate brands and Kentish skate shops, including cash prizes that will be handed out to the most impressive tricks. F51 will also have an informational stall set up and staff will be on hand to answer any questions attendees have about the skatepark’s launch this Autumn.

Tickets can be purchased for free at –

Alex Frost, F51 Project Officer, said: “We have worked hard over the last two years to solidify Folkestone 51’s place within the local skate scene. A huge part of this is rooted in giving back to our local community who would usually have to travel across the country for events of this size. By hosting large-scale skateboarding events like Pier Pressure, F51 is able to highlight what our coastal town has to offer when it comes to skateboarding and BMXing, further establishing ourselves as a skate-friendly hotspot. Pier Pressure will provide a remarkable opportunity to showcase high-class skateboarding talent to hundreds of spectators of all ages and abilities, hopefully inspiring them to pick up the sport themselves. Stripped to its core, Pier Pressure puts fun at the forefront and aims to introduce people of all ages to the joys of skateboarding. Whether you’re coming to skate, spectate or buy something from our Skate Boot Fair, everyone is welcome.”


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